Palacio del Mar – Baja Oceanfront Condos and Oceanfront Villas for sale in Rosarito.

Palacio del Mar is the Premiere oceanfront community in Baja, Mexico and offers luxury condos and ocean front Villas for sale.  Palacio del Mar is a short 45 minutes south of the Baja and San Diego border. Palacio del Mar offers two and three bedroom condos and free standing ocean front villas.

These residences are the largest in its class with two bedroom condos at 2020 square feet, three bedrooms at 2833 square feet, and villas starting at over 4000 square feet.  Prices start at $275,000 dlls for a 2 bedroom condo, $355,000 for 3 bedrooms and $759,000 for the Ocean front villas. All the condos and villas have unobstructed, wide, ocean views and ocean access. Visit our page with a list of all Palacio del Mar condos and villas for sale here.

The developer has an excellent resume of building and delivering luxury residences in Mexico, and is the premiere developer for this caliber of coastal project here on the Baja coast.

In addition to being ocean front and so close to San Diego,  it is the amenities and quality of construction that set the bar high for luxury residencies here in Baja.

The amenities are large and abundant and include everything you would want in a vacation destination.  Also, the quality is unsurpassed and at the same time Palacio del Mar is still extremely competitive on price on a square foot basis.

The location of the Palacio del Mar is within what is called Descanso Bay. Descanso translates to rest.  Palacio del Mar is within the municipality of Playas de Rosarito, which translates to the Beaches of Rosarito.  This ocean front Rosarito location is truly unique and spectacular. Read more about Palacio del Mar location and things to do in the Baja community here.

Here at Palacio del Mar, all properties are delivered with title, free and clear. You can have a bank trust, called a Fideicomiso, or you can get an Escritura, a deed.  Both forms of title give you clear ownership.  The developer currently owns all the land and the development is debt free. The home owner association is solvent and transparent.

Please schedule an appointment to view ocean front Rosarito Condos and Villas.  You will be impressed of the quality of construction, the materials used to finish the condos and villas, and all the planning and infrastructure put in place to make your investment in Baja a secure one.