SoRo – Rediscovering the gem that is South Rosarito

On the coast of the Pacific Ocean between Rosarito and Ensenada, there is a gorgeous area that has amazing restaurants, shops, beaches and views. If you visit Baja often, you have probably dined at one of the mouth-watering restaurants in this area or stayed at a luxury property with spectacular ocean views. And yet, when friends ask what this area is named, you might have a hard time answering!

This is something that Alan Winters, health and tech entrepreneur, noticed when he shared his experiences of his many years visiting Baja.

People would always ask my wife, Linda, and me where we vacationed. And we would struggle to answer. Typically, we would say that it was below Rosarito. And they’d assume we meant Ensenada, which was also not correct. Then it hit me that what this area needed was a name and its own identity

Alan Winters, Entrepreneur.

Alan was recently featured on an episode of HGTV’s show House Hunters International, where he unveiled the SoRo concept. He drew from the fact that many neighborhoods in the United States took on a vibrant personality and blossomed once they were named (like SoMa in San Francisco or SoHo in New York). And he applied this concept of establishing a unique identity to this special area of Baja – coming up with the name SoRo.

SoRo is a 20km stretch that starts at a renowned surfing location (K38) and ends at a famous restaurant/hotel area (K58). It’s way calmer and more upscale than Rosarito to the north, which is often seen as a higher density area bustling with tourism and Spring Break partiers. And it’s closer to the U.S. than Ensenada to the south.

During the filming of the House Hunters episode, Alan spoke to many developers, local businesses, and residents regarding SoRo, and they all quickly embraced the concept.

We [in Real Estate] have always treated the south end of Rosarito as a different place to be because it’s just so calm and peaceful, but Alan gave it a name and I think it’s going to be great, I really think the name is going to stick and be memorable to both visitors and residents.

Beba Cabello, broker of Baja Open House

SoRo hugs the bay of El Descanso, and within these 20 kilometers are some of the best Baja communities – like Palacio del Mar. Living in SoRo is the gateway to a relaxing, high quality lifestyle that so many dream about.

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